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Monuments and places of interest: Torre del Moro ( Moorish tower), the old casino, the Eras de la Sal in the old salt deposit, the Roman pier in La Mata, the bridge of Sillería in the Acequión, the Archpriest´s Temple, Museum of the Sea and the Salt, municipal socio-cultural centre and the Holy Week Museum Tomas Varcarcel. For more information Beaches: The coastline of Torrevieja is full of sandy spots inserted in-between the cliffs and the coves. The numerous beaches give the zone a Mediterranean style which together with the exceptional climate, turn Torrevieja into a nature paradise. The beaches in Torrevieja are La Mata, Los Locos, El Cura and Los Náufragos. 

Gastronomy: The typical dish of Torrevieja is the caldero, in which the ingredients are basically fish, in its different variations, and rice with the consommé from the fish. Other typical seafood dishes are: cod stew, sea bream, mackerel, ray, mojama, roe, tunny and shark.  Festivities: Carnivals (February), Holy Week (March-April), the Fair of May ( at the beginning of May), the International Contest in Habaneras and Polyphony (end of July), the celebration of Carmen (16th of July) and the celebration in the honour of Inmaculada (8th of December).

If Golf is your game, then you will discover Torrevieja to be a Golfer's Paradise. No less than 3 world class courses are right at the end of your Number 3 Iron ! All 3 courses are a 72 par and more information can be found on our Useful Websites page. Golf courses:
- Golf club Las ramblas de Orihuela (Orihuela).
- Golf club Las ramblas de Orihuela (Orihuela).
- Golf club El Plantio (Elx).
- Golf club Alenda (Monforte del Cid).
- Alicante Golf club (San Juan Alicante).

Sights of interest:

The Moor Tower (Torre del Moro)
La Mata Tower (Torre de la Mata)
La Mata and Torrevieja's Natural Lake Parks
Salinas - The Salt lakes
Church of the Inmaculate Conception
Sacred Heart of Jesus church
Museum Maestro Ricardo Lafuente
Museum of the Sea and the Salt
Museum of Holy Week
Recinto de las " Eras de la Sal" (Precinct)