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The shopping in the area is quite unsophisticated and tourist orientated, It is one of the best places for a wide choice of Haitian paintings, carved stone and handicrafts perfect for gifts. Stalls line the ways to the beaches and vendors peddle their wares without too much persistence.

There are all manner of water sports, including sailing, scuba diving, water- and jet-skiing.

Nights briing many small, unsophisticated discos in El Batey. There is a casino 1 ml out of town at Playa Chiquita. The area is plentiful with music bars and pleasant spots for a sundowner cocktail.

A great many restaurants and quite a selection of bars with a food offering, although few offer more than simple local cuisine. A handful of local fast-food eateries. Try to avoid salads or cold meats that are displayed without the benefit of chilling devices, and it is advisable to avoid drinking the tap water use bottled water instead.