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This area caters for upmarket and middlemarket families and young couples. There is a reasonable range of hotels of different standards, both old-fashioned and modern, including one 4-star; there ia also self catering also available.

A stroll through Vieux Sartene allows you to experience the romance and excitement of Old Town Sartene. From Place de la Liberation, you can view the infamous Hotel de Ville and continue on through cobbled streets lined with enchanting houses made of granite.

Located in Sartene's former prison, the Musee Departemental de Prehistorie et de Protohistorie de la Corse lets you dig into the town's past. The items recovered during archeological digs serve as a mirror into Corsica's past.

Haute Ville has served as a cultural breeding ground for Bonifacio. Many authors and scholars have used the area to imagine battles between Ulysse's fleet and the Laestry gonians.

The Bastion de l'Entendard at the city gate, houses the system of weights and pullys that used to pull up the drawbridge. Today, the area serves as a mini-museum, illustrating Bonfacio's history though a series of enormous dioramas.

This 12th-century church is an amazing display of old-style charm. The Renaisance-style baptismal front is a tribute to the deep religious ties of Bonifacio's people. The church has also been constructed for use in times of seige on the area.

The 2 main shopping streets, which run parallel to each other, are choked by cars during the day. Driving is generally difficult and for the visitor unnecessary; it is more tempting to motor around the Gulf to other romantic, unspoilt beaches.

During the daytime the main activities include water sports, such as; water-skiing, jet-skiing, diving, underwater fishing, sailing and catamarans. Other activities include horse riding, tennis, minigolf (at Hotel Arcu di Sole), and a sports centre with gym.

The nightlife here is generally simple, comprising cafes and discos (in town and just outside), traditional music bar, cinema. There are firework displays 14th July and 15th Aug. There is a score of restaurants with several specialising in fish and the local delicacy, spiny rock lobster. Also you will find Pizzerias and snack joints galore. Good wines can be purchased from nearby vineyards.