Pineda De Mar


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Pineda De Mar
This area caters for the middle-aged or mature visitors, plus families with young children seeking simplicity. The accommodation here is mainly adequate 3-star hotels.

There is a long, broad beach of coarse sand with generally calm waters and plenty of space.

There are some good-quality local shops, particularly for food.You will find some fashion boutiques and artisan shops in the main tree-lined square 250 yds into the town from the beach.

During the daytime here, there are simple beach activities. You will also find occasional windsurfing and glass-bottom boat trips. There are many walks and bicycle rides in the hills.

The nightlife here offers very little, except for the typical music and dances organised by the hotels. There is one main popular disco on the sea front.

There are some middle-range restaurants offering fish and local specialities and you will find that less fast food which is strange for the Costa Brava.