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There is no beach here as such but there is a a picturesque waterfront paralleled by an extensive pedestrian promenade runs the length of town and beyond with a couple of short, narrow stretches of rock and stone at either extremity.

There is a good selection of designer boutiques and jewellers, alongside the usual collection of souvenirs, handicrafts, beachwear and motley bric-a-brac stalls.

During the daytime there are water sports including windsurfing, snorkelling, water-skiing, pedalloes and sailing. Other activities include tennis, minigolf, and exploring town with its churches, statues and parks.

The nightlife here is lively and quite sophisticated with several nightclubs providing open-air dancing and live bands as well as discos. There are open-air concerts and opera. There is a small casino and most venues open until the small hours.

There is a varied choice of pavement cafes and some fine, sophisticated restaurants in addition to those in the hotels. Mediterranean-style cuisine with abundant seafood and grilled meats. Local beers and wines are good, if not award winning.