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National Archaeological Museum of Naples

This museum houses one of the world's great collections of Greek and Roman antiquities. The museum has many priceless artifacts retrieved from the nearby ruins of Pompeii and other archaeological sites located in southern Italy. The collection includes ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, a famous mosaic of Alexander the Great, and a collection of ancient coins, medals, cameos, silverware and jewelry. A detailed model of Pompeii is also on display.


Neapolitan cuisine is famous worldwide, and there is no shortage in Naples of quality restaurants catering to all budgets. Dining in a Neapolitan restaurant is traditionally a festive occasion - enlivened by the numerous variety of savory pasta and pizza dishes listed on most menus. Although pizza and pasta are the culinary symbols of Neapolitan cuisine, Naples is also known for its superb cheeses (including the famous mozzarella), its tasty fish and seafood dishes, and its delicious ice cream and pastries.


Naples offers some of the finest shopping opportunities in Italy. Naples has hundreds of small artisan shops offering authentic hand made gift and souvenir items. These include shops run by jewelers, silver crafters, stone carvers, engravers, ceramicists and glove makers. The areas of Via Toledo and Via Chiaia are dotted with fashionable boutiques where high quality, fashionable clothing and accessories can be purchased. Naples also has numerous outdoor markets where many local residents shop.


From Naples, it is a short trip over to the fabled island of Capri - playground of the rich and famous. You can reach the island by hydrofoil or by ferry. On arrival at the dock, you can ride a tramway up to the small town of Capri. The famous Piazzetta square in the center of town is a good place to shop or enjoy a drink. A walking tour of the town enables you to view the magnificent garden terraces, and historic churches and villas. Very near the town of Capri is another small village called Anacapri where you can take a chair lift to the top of one of the highest peaks on the island and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Bay of Naples.


A worthwhile activity is taking a scenic boat trip to Ischia, the largest of the islands in the Bay of Naples. You may spend the day relaxing on one of the beaches, or in the one of the 103 thermal springs scattered throughout the island. You may also visit the spectacular Castello d'Ischia, a 14th century castle situated on a rocky cliff overlooking the sea. Ischia has numerous restaurants offering delicious culinary specialities based on fish and seafood.


In close proximity to Naples are the famous ruins of Pompeii, the once thriving town for wealthy Romans that was destroyed in the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Many consider Pompeii to be the most important archeological site anywhere in the world. The ruins provide fascinating insights into the lives of the ancient Romans, and include numerous villas, temples, theaters, baths, shops,amphitheatres,residential houses and unique wall paintings, mosaics and statues.