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The beach here is over 10 mls of broad, gently shelving, white sand stretch from the edge of Monastir in the E, towards Sousse in the W. The sea is safe for bathing, and most hotels have their own private sections of beach, complete with lifeguards, beach furniture and organised water sports in summer.

There are limited souvenir shopping for rugs, pottery, local jewellery, cheap trinkets and beach paraphernalia, mainly in the centre of Monastir. Haggling is a way of life and a form of entertainment. Little else outside town, although most hotels have their own little shops, bazaars and boutiques.

During the daytime the activities are predominantly beach based, with water sports in summer only. Other activities also include golf, horse and camel rides and local sightseeing.

The nightlife here is low-key in the resort and town centre. It is mainly centred on the various live entertainment programmes and nightclubs offered by the hotels.

Eating out is largely confined to a varied selection of hotel restaurants. There is a choice of restaurants and small pavement cafes are clustered around the marina in Monastir, serving international dishes and traditional fare. One or two pizzerias. Kebabs but virtually no other fast food.