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Chinatown : As with many other countries in the world, the Chinese have found a niche in the Philippines. It is apparent in Binando, where Chinatown is found. Situated in this bustling area, Chinatown is filled with all things Chinese from Peking duck and Buddhist temples to gold watches, snake soup, and wonder herbs. The beauty of Chinese songs and the permeating scent of incense complete the ambience of Chinatown.

Corregidor : Known as "the Rock," Corregidor Island is about 3 kilometers long and is about one hour from the CCP Complex in Roxas Boulevard by cruiser boat. The island was the last bastion of the Allied forces in the Pacific during World War II. The ruined barracks and artilleries are evidence of the intense fighting between the Philippine/American force and the Japanese. The many historical landmarks on the island can all be reached by foot. For those staying overnight, there is a 15 cottage beach resort and a 31-room hotel. Picnic grounds are available and are ideal for camping. Today, "the Rock" is a Memorial to Peace, Valor and International Understanding.

Intramuros : Taking a walk through cobbled streets paved with Spanish colonial buildings and old church plazas, transports the visitor into 16th century Manila. Puertas (gates) and baluartes (battlements) have been heroically restored to preserve the charm and historicity of this once-upon-a-time bastion of Spanish culture. Within Intramuros complex lies the Fort Santiago (one of the oldest fortifications within the walls), the Manila Cathedral (a magnificent architectural feat with its intricate stone carvings, stained glass mosaics, and rosette windows), and the San Agustin Church (the oldest structure in the country with its Baroque interiors and trompe l'oeil murals).

Las Pinas Bamboo Organ : Made of bamboo, this organ is the only one in the world and is found in Las Pinas. This beautiful piece of musical instrument is housed in an old church made of cobbled stones and takes center stage every year in the Bamboo Organ Festival. Both local and international artist have shared the spotlight with Las Pinas' pride over the years.

Rizal Park : A refreshing patch of blues and green can be found in the midst of Manila's hustle and bustle in the form of Rizal Park or, as it is commonly known, Luneta. This park is a tribute to the country's national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. A refuge for early morning joggers and those practicing tai chi, it is also a place where mothers walk with their babies for some sun. Luneta enables even the busiest person to pause for a moment in the afternoon for a glimpse of the beautiful sunset and transforms at night into a romantic rendezvous for lovers. It is also home to a planetarium, fountains, a light and sound sculptural show, an amphitheater and a children's playground. In addition, Luneta has Chinese and Japanese gardens.

Sports and Clubs : In Manila, the greens beckon with 11 available in the metropolis of Manila. There is also something for yacht fans at the Manila Yacht Club. Also popular are sports facilities - swimming pools, tennis and basketball courts, billiard halls and bowling lanes.