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There is one pebble beach in front of the town which suffers from litter and pollution and is not ideal for swimming.

The shops and shopping centre serve local everyday needs. Best buys can be found in Funchal a short trip away.

During the daytime there are local walks along levadas, climbing Pico do Facho for spectacular views, there's an 18-hole golf course (20 mins by car), take strolls around village, there are some interesting small churches. Water sports include diving and sailing are available on the beach..

The nightlife here is limited to in village to local "fiestas", otherwise, entertainment programmes at hotel Dom Pedro Baia, ranging from folklore to occasional discos.

There are plenty of restaurants for a small village, ranging from beach huts to gourmet. Menus feature fresh fish, "espetadas" (skewered meat), "gaiado" (dried fish), tropical fruits and vegetables.