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In the village of Kontokali there is a small local church apparently one of the oldest on the island of Corfu. Also is the remnants of a castle, reputedly to be the place where the Venetian knight Kontokali resided in the much early days. Head towards Gouvia and you have the Old Venetian Shipyard, where one can see the Arches that formed the building areas for the construction of ships. Ipsos and Dassia are within travelling distance and can be reached by the same bus to Corfu on its return journey, taking about 15 - 30 minutes respectively. Corfu Town is approximately 15 - 20 minutes away by the blue bus, at a cost of 85 cents. The town hosts an array of shops ranging from modern retail to the many gift and souvenir shops within the lanes and alleyways of the old town. And of course there is Gouvia , approximately a 15 - 30 minute walk from Kontokali with various sites of interest along the way. During the daytime there is nothing in particular in terms of activities except enjoying the sun.
Nightlife offers an amount of sufficient bars and tavernas for low-key, relaxed evening entertainment. One or two bars offer live music and Greek nights.