Heron Island


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Heron Island
The wildlife attractions include turtles and humpback whales, and there's the rusting hulk of a ship in the harbour entrance to complete the Robinson Crusoe image. No day visitors are allowed and (curiously) the island operates its own daylight-saving system, making it 1 hr ahead of Queensland's Eastern Standard Time. Theoretically a coral cay should be completely surrounded by beach, but much of the shore in front of the accommodation is quite rocky, especially at low tide. However, there is more than enough beach to go round, made of near pure-white coral sand. During the daytime there is unlimited scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities. There are guided walks to see the reef close up, island ecology, birds, turtles nesting, humpback whales (June to Sept).
The nightlife offers low-key entertainment, live music, casino night and a quiz night. Eating in (rates include all meals). Dinner is table d'hote except for weekly seafood buffet. A la carte snack meals available from coffee-shop section of bar.