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Those who prefer quiet locations to bustling resorts and are prepared to accept the limited amenities on offer will love Cofresi. It's certainly not an action packed destination but that's certainly what this quiet, picturesque retreat was designed for. Accommodation consists of steadily increasing numbers of middlemarket, all-inclusive club operations and a choice of smart luxury villas with their own pools. The beaches here are generally unattractive, with a sweeping bay of brown sand, lined with palms and gnarled old trees that offer some shade. The water and sand are clean and, although not the most aesthetically pleasing strip of coastline, it offers satisfactory views of low cliffs and is generally calm, thanks to reef protection. Sunbeds are in plentiful supply and a motley collection of thatched huts sell local handicrafts and snacks. Hotel guests can enjoy a variety of water sports, and a water-sports centre organises diving, windsurfing and boat rides for visitors without local accommodation. Columbus Plaza offers basic souvenirs and a minimarket shopping options. Taina Plaza, formerly the principal retail outlet, now houses a bar/restaurant and simple gift shop only. Several handicraft shacks along the beach although Puerto Plata is a better bet for shopping enthusiasts. Entertainment here is very much centred around beach and water sports or hotels' programmes.
Nightlife is fairly low-key although most properties have local bands, dancers and nightly Tannoyed music; some with small, unsophisticated discos. Eating out options are mainly limited to what's on offer in hotels and a handful of beach-based snack outlets. Don't drink the tap water (brush your teeth with bottled water) and avoid salads or cold meats that are displayed without the benefit of chilling devices. Getting around is pretty much limited to taxi's, motoconcho (back seat of moped) or unreliable guagua (minibus).