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Arles is very much a sightseeing holiday and also a place to relax and soak up a bit culture from 'France gone by'.

Best known for its Roman remains (including the well-preserved Roman arena: Les Arènes), Arles also is known for its houses with their striking red barrel-tiled roofs, and its shady, narrow twisting alleys, olive groves, vineyards and men with long moustaches playing pétanque.

Historic sights to see: The arena, amphitheater, Alyscamps burial grounds. Roman baths of Constantin (4thc.). Museums: Musée de l'Arles Antique ( 4thc, sarcophaguses) Musée Arlaten (furniture and traditional folk art ) Musée du Riz (rice museum). Activities: Horseback riding (9 schools), hiking Mountain biking, 3 beaches. La Capelière (nature walk of Camargue). Van Gogh Tour, Gypsy mosaics. Many festivals: Fete des Gardians (May 1 ) Santon exhibition in December. Local cities and villages: Fontvielle (15km), Tarascon (20 km) and Saintes Maries de la Mer (36 km)