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Alberta's various cities provide a variety of things to do. The most popular include:
Edmonton - the capital city of Alberta and the second largest urban population (752,000 city; 1,102,000 metro region). It is home to a vibrant cultural community, the largest urban parkland system in North America, North America's largest mall, Canada's only Indy race, and is dubbed Canada's Festival City. Aside from that, there is so much more stuff like a pretty good science centre and a conservatory, just explore and also read our guide. Calgary - Alberta's largest city (1,040,000 city; 1,139,000 metro region). It is home to a beautiful river, nice museum, cool towers, bustling economy, world class zoo, shopping, and is most famous for the 1988 Winter Olympics. Banff - vacation destination in the Rockies offering a variety of outdoor activities. Drumheller - site of the Royal Tyrell Museum, the largest paleontology museum in Canada. Fort McMurray - fast growing community deep in northern Alberta, most famous as the center of the oil sands industry. Jasper - Banff's northerly neighbour - less visited than Banff but no less stunning. Lethbridge - is a city in southern Alberta with a population of about 78,700 and most famous for its canyons. Medicine Hat - is in southern Alberta with a population nearing 57,000 and is interesting. Red Deer - is a city in between Edmonton and Calgary at about 82,800 people (2006) and is a major service center.