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Louisiana Travel Guide

Bayou (Louisiana)
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Louisiana is blessed with a unique array of cultures not many states in America share. These diverse cultures complement one another, which makes Louisiana one-of-a-kind. Louisiana's scenic byways will take you off the beaten path to see much of what makes this state so special. The byways, which cross almost every area of the state, bring you into the heart of the distinctive scenic beauty and cultural uniqueness that is Louisiana.

The weather in the coastal region is as diverse as everything else about Louisiana. The moody Gulf of Mexico is the state's weather-maker and gives Louisiana its subtropical climate. Snow rarely falls in the southern sections, with only small snowfalls usually recorded in the northern areas. The statewide annual rainfall is about 56 inches (142 centimeters) a year, with the northern regions averaging 46 inches (117 centimeters) and some of the southern coastal parishes averaging as high as 66 inches (167 centimeters) of rainfall a year. Annual average temperatures range from 66 to 69ºF (18.9 to 20.6ºC) , with July averaging 82ºF (27.8ºC) and January averaging 53ºF (11.7ºC).

The wild life in Louisiana isn't limited to Bourbon Street. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries maintains no less than 45 wildlife Management Areas. In Louisiana you can camp on hills, bluffs, flatlands or on the seaside.You can surround yourself with forests, cities, swamps or beaches.

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