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Gibraltar Travel Guide

Currency: Gibraltar pound
Currency code: GIP
Local Times:

Country Dialling Code: +350
Voltage: 240V 50Hz
Electrical plugs:
2 Parallel circular prongs 3 large flat prongs

Gibraltar, colloquially known as The Rock, (or simply 'Gib'), is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. The people are British Citizens and it feels like the big rock has been teleported out of the British Isles and plonked on the S coast of Spain at the entrance to the Mediterranean sea.

This is a unique place for the curious traveller. Take time to explore the caves and tunnels especially those not meant for tourists. The inside of the rock is an absolute labyrinth with the secret internal roads and tunnels 4 times longer than those on the surface.

Military presence and security in this otherwise deserted area is strong but almost invisible.

The upper parts of the 426m rock have been made into a nature reserve to protect the Rock's natural environment and Gibraltar's most famous residents, the Barbary Apes. These sociable  primates are the only wild primates in Europe and have lived on The Rock for hundreds of years, charming tourists with their delightful antics and curious natures.

Gibraltar is a popular travel and business destination, and gateway to southern Spain. The Colony has a fascinating culture and intriguing history. It's also a tax free area and is full of surprises, from its unusual sand and limestone landscape, to its resident Bay dolphins and a botanical garden that rivals any in the world.