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Grenada Travel Guide

Population: 89.500
Languages: English (official), French patois
Currency: East Caribbean dollar
Currency code: XCD
Local Times:
 Grenada - Saint George's

Country Dialling Code: +1809
Voltage: 230V 50Hz
Electrical plugs:
3 large flat prongs

Greneda hasn't had a trouble free past. Invaded by the USA in the 1980's and ravaged more recently by a hurricane, the country has bounced back and dusted off its recent history to welocme those that land on its shores.

Greneda Island is the largest of the three and features fabulous beaches and sublime scuba diving is on offer in its crystal waters. St George is the largest town and has one of the most picturesque waterfronts in all of the Caribbean. Stone buildings, forts from a forgotten time and houses of all colours are a feature of this country. Friendly, welcoming locals go about their lives and offer warm hospitality to those that visit this relatively 'off the tourist radar' destination.

Venture off the main island and you are greated with Carriacou, which is like taking a step back in time. This petite isle is a relaxed affair where endearing locals and an eclectic village life is added to sublime scenery. And if that sounds too busy, head over to ''Petit Martinique where even less happens – and the locals enjoy it that way.