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Giza Attractions

Attractions in (or reasonably accessible from) Giza:

Pyramids of Giza

Attraction Type: Ancient Ruin
The Pyramids of Giza stand on the Giza Plateau on the outskirts of Cairo. This complex of ancient monuments includes three giant pyramids, the most famous of the three is known as the Great Pyramid (the pyramid for the Pharoah Khufu) which is the last remaining of the 'Seven Wonders of the Ancient World'. There are also a number of small pyramids and other tombs on the site. The Giza complex also contains a large sculpture known as the Great Sphinx. There are two ticket offices: the first is near the main entrance, the second is near the Sphinx, in the E part of the Plateau. The pyramids can be explored from the outside and inside. However, the interior of the pyramids is hot, humid and somewhat claustrophobic, with the passages steep, dusty and hard to move through, and those with any physical disabilities or heart / lung issues will want to avoid this experience. For those w...

Sphinx of Giza

Attraction Type: Ancient Ruin
The Great Sphinx is a colossal, recumbent human-headed lion which was conceived of by the ancient Egyptians as the sun god Re-Horakhty "Horus of the horizon". The Egyptians call it Abu el-Hol, the "Father of Terror", and even the Greek name Sphinx has the less than pleasant meaning "Strangler". The Great Sphinx is 45m long, 22m wide, and carved from a single giant block of sandstone. The Sphinx itself is considerably smaller than the Pyramids around it and is in a poor state despite careful restoration attempts. The missing nose of the Sphinx is blamed on target practice by bored Napoleon's troops in 1798, but 18th-century drawings showing the nose already missing, pointing the finger towards the occupying Turks of the time.